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CREDITS AND CERTIFICATES: In the summer term of 2018/2019, students, who are interested in one of the programs among over 150 programs, will choose the programs they want to study and participate in the 200-hour program.

General rule in universities in applied courses: 2 hours is counted as 1 credit. Students who attend a 200-hour program at Özay Günsel Children’s University will obtain 100 credits in accordance with this general rule.

BRONZE CERTIFICATE will be given to students who have obtained 100 credits in the summer term of 2018/2019 academic year.

SILVER CERTIFICATE will be given to students who continue to Özay Günsel Children’s University and obtain 200 credits in total by obtaining 100 more credits in the next term.

GOLD CERTIFICATE will be given when the Silver Certificate students attend Özay Günsel Children’s University and complete a total of 300 credits.

Students who will prepare projects in the field they prefer in the last semester will be able to participate in the activities to be held among the children universities of the world.

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