Aim and Scope

Article 1-

The purpose of this Regulation; is to regulate the Özay Günsel Children’s University’s student enrollment-acceptance, credit-certificate and graduation principles.

Article 2-

This Regulation; covers the provisions regulating the activities and affairs conducted in accordance with Özay Günsel Children’s University’s aim and scope.

Aim and Fields of Activity
Article 3-

The objectives of the university are:
a) To ensure that the students at primary and secondary level (06-17 age group) receive reliable and up-to-date information about science, art and sports that they are interested in from the leading scientists and other relevant units of the University.
b) To enable students to discover their talents throughout the programs to be carried out by the university departments and to develop their skills in asking questions and problem solving.
c) To contribute to the selection of professions and future careers of students and to make them happy and beneficial to their country in the future.
d) To provide the opportunity for the academic staff of the University to carry out research and applications regarding the educational activities to be carried out.
d) To increase the public accessibility of scientific knowledge.

Activity Areas
Article 4–

(1) The fields of activities of the university are as follows:
a) To provide appropriate education models for students in the primary and secondary education level (06-17 age group) in accordance with the “fun, experiment learning model” which is applied in all science, art and sports fields.
b) Carrying out various applied creative activities, laboratory activities, trips, projects and workshops in and out of the University to improve students’ questioning and problem solving skills at primary and secondary education (06-17 age group) level, to enable them to discover themselves by triggering curiosity and developing innovative projects.
c) To cooperate with related institutions and organizations in line with the aims of the university, to participate in their studies, to exchange information and to provide guidance.
d) To organize joint projects and activities with other international children’s universities and to develop exchange programs

Registration procedures
Article 5-

Enrollment of the students is conducted at the REGISTRATION CENTERS announced by Rectorate. Students who do not apply for registration on time and do not provide the necessary documents are not eligible for registration.

Article 6-

Students may apply to Özay Günsel Children’s University General Secretariat with a petition to terminate their relations with the university. The fees and fees (including pre-registration fee) paid by students who have terminated their relations with Özay Günsel Children’s University for any reason are not refundable.

Article 7-

The fees to be collected from the students are determined by the University Executive Board for each academic term.

Credits and Certificates
Article 8-

Each 2-hour application is 1 credit. BRONZE CERTIFICATE is given to students who obtain 100 credits in total.
A Bronze Certificate student receives a SILVER CERTIFICATE when he / she participates in the program for another 200 hours and obtains 100 more credits.
A Silver Certificate student is eligible to receive GOLD CERTIFICATE when he / she obtaines another 100 credits by participating in another 200 hours of practice.

Article 9-

The student who obtains the first GOLD CERTIFICATE from Özay Günsel Children’s University graduates with the title of CHILD DOCTOR (PhD).
Students who increase the number of GOLD CERTIFICATES by continuing the programs graduate with the following titles.

Students who obtain 2 GOLD CERTIFICATEs from Özay Günsel Children’s University graduate with the title of CHILD ASSISTANT PROFESSOR.
Students who obtain 3 GOLD CERTIFICATEs from Özay Günsel Children’s University graduate with the title of CHILD ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR.
Students who obtain 4 GOLD CERTIFICATEs graduate with the title of CHILD PROFESSOR.

Compensation of Credit Deficiencies
Article 10-

Students who fail to participate in the 10-hour practice session, which corresponds to 5 credits during the academic term, will be able to participate in the compensation practices to be conducted by the university if the excuse is deemed appropriate.

Article 8-

This Regulation entered into force as of June 2019.

Article 9

This Regulation is executed by the Rector of Özay Günsel Children’s University.