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was opened to enable the students to create their own success stories, to bring them together with science and scientists, art and artists, sports and athletes under the roof of the university at an early age in order to make them adopt national and universal values, as well as encouraging them to be creative, entrepreneurial and sensitive to environment and art, to compete with the world, and to realize their own talents

There are more than 150 different programs at OZAY GUNSEL CHILDREN UNIVERSITY.
At the ÖZAY GÜNSEL UNIVERSITY, over 150 colorful and entertaining programs through which children can study many interesting things such as human DNA and micro-organisms, plant DNA and micro-organisms, make their own robot, their own cartoons, play computer games, make even their own furniture, write their own books, explore the world of plants and the production stages of drugs and have the opportunities to decide on their future career.

In the summer semester of 2018/2019 academic year, children had the opportunities to study and carry out activities through more than 150 different programs with professors, associate professors, assistant professors and other academic staff of the Near East University and Kyrenia University.


AGE GROUPS: Students were gathered in 4 groups to learn how to share with their peers, make teamwork, produce together and learn peer solidarity.

  • 06-08 age group children will enlighten our WORLD,
  • 09-11 age group children will enlighten our SUN,
  • 12-14 age group children will enlighten our GALAXY,
  • 15-17 age group children will enlighten our UNIVERSE.


When children of all age groups participate in one of the 150 programs in accordance with their interest, each of the students will be enrolled in the LEARNING PASSPORT. In the summer term of 2018/2019 academic year, students, who will choose a program in accordance with their interests among more than 150 different programs, will participate in the 200-hour program.


During the summer term of 2018/2019 academic year, the students who have chosen the programs that they are interested in among the 150 different programs will participate in the 200-hour program of their interest.
General rule of applied courses at the universities: 2 hours is counted as 1 credit. Students who attend a 200-hour program at Özay Günsel University will receive 100 credits in accordance with this general rule.

BRONZ CERTIFICATE will be given to students who have obtained 100 credits in the summer term of 2018/2019 academic year.

SILVER CERTIFICATE will be given to the students who continue to Özay Günsel Children University and obtained 200 credits in total in the next term by obtaining 100 more credits.

GOLD CERTIFICATE will be given when the Silver Certificate students attend Özay Günsel Children University and obtain a total of 300 credits.

The student who has received the first gold certificate will graduate with the title of Child PhD. By continuing the programs at our university, the children who will grow and develop will graduate as Children Assistant Professors, Children Associate Professors and Children Professors respectively for each new gold certificate they will receive. Each of them will create their own happiness and success stories that will make their families and us proud as young academicians of Özay Günsel Children University.

Students who will prepare projects in the field they want in the last semester will also be able to participate in the activities to be held among the world's other children's universities.


Every child is a star, our duty as adults is to create environments for them to shine freely. As ÖZAY GÜNSEL CHILDREN UNIVERSITY, our academicians and world-class laboratories, IT-technology, art workshops and sports towers, we offer our children aging between 06-08 (WORLD), 09-11 (SUN), 12-14 (GALAXY) and 15-17 (UNIVERSE) an environment where they can shine freely, learn with fun and prepare for the future.