Founding Rector Message

As the first and only Children’s University of our beautiful Cyprus, ÖZAY GÜNSEL CHILDREN UNIVERSITY, we bring you together with science and scientists, art and artists, sports and athletes in the most modern laboratories, art workshops and sports towers of the world. You will be able to ask without hesitation what you are wondering about, you will make your own robots, cartoons, videos, pictures, even your own furniture. You will learn and do many things by choosing, experimenting and having fun from a variety of fun and instructive programs. You will explore your city like young architects, develop projects for child-friendly cities and the environment with the help of famous architect academics, prepare tourist brochures, learn how to make delicious cakes from famous cooks and have fun. You will be a young doctor, a pharmacist, a nurse, and you will learn about a lot of health-related things, such as the human DNA, plant-making, and much more. If you wish, you will get to know our animal friends at the Animal Hospital of Veterinary Faculty. At the Faculty of Sports, you will learn the details of sports branches and you will use sports equipment appropriate for your age at the NEU Sports Tower. You will also go to the sea, you will recognize the plants in the surrounding area, you will watch the sea turtles and you will make sand sculptures. At the NEU Car Museum, you will set your eyes on the new and old cars, discuss how the dream of electric cars will come true, and design your own car. Whenever you attend any program you are interested in and have fun with, you will obtain credits and the credits will be processed on your Student Passport. When all the pages in your passport are full (when you have completed all courses), you will be happy to be a graduate of Children’s University. As Özay Günsel Children’s University, we will experience the pride of having trained young doctors, associate professors and professors and seeing you as stars shining freely in your life.

Dear Families,

Our most valuable assets are our children, the greatest desire of us as the families and parents is to enable them to explore their own talents, to turn to their favorite professions in the future and to be happy individuals doing the job they love. It is the responsibility of us as adults not to compare our children with other children (even their siblings) and to develop their self-confidence by making them feel that each child is unique and distinctive. As the first and the only Children’s University of Cyprus, ÖZAY GÜNSEL ÇOCUK UNIVERSITY, with the awareness that each of our children is unique and distinctive, we have prepared a program where they will discover themselves, ask without hesitation about what they wonder or imagine, conduct experiments with the scientists in laboratories and workshops and learn with fun. We welcome you to Özay Günsel Children’s University in order to raise your children as individuals who are aware of their talents and rights, who express themselves well, are sensitive to art, environment and society and have full self-confidence. In addition to the programs prepared for our children in summer and winter terms, we will also hold interviews with famous pedagogues on child and adolescent subjects at least once per month for you, our esteemed families.

Our vision:
Our vision is based on creating our own happiness stories and to contribute to the development of the society by enabling our children, who will build our future, to be raised as individuals who are sensitive to nature, environment, society, art, creative and enterprising individuals who have adopted national and universal values.

Our mission:
Our aim is to make our children become aware of their own talents by bringing them together with science and scientists, art and artists, sports and athletes under the roof of the university at an early age, and to develop the skills for, asking, exploring and problem solving. For each of them we offer an instructional program through which they can discover the profession they will love and grow up self-confident, happy individuals.

Every Child is a star, our responsibility is to create environments for them to shine freely. Every good thing done for children will result in new beauties.

Prof. Dr. Filiz Meriçli
Founding Rector