Özay Günsel Children University Students have learnt how to use Home Remedies against Diseases
Date Added: 04 October 2019, 15:40
Last Updated Date:06 January 2021, 17:38

Within the scope of the modules and learning activities designed for age-groups, the "Galaxy" and "Universe" group students participated in the workshop held at NEU Faculty of Pharmacy under the motto "I'm Examining the Home Remedies of My Grandma". Within the frame of the event, the students have been provided with information about the popular home remedies that inherited from one generation to the other and they made tea by using medicinal herbs.

According to the info released by Özay Günsel Children University, the students of Galaxy-Universe Group participated in a program implemented by Professor Filiz Meriçli, the Head of the Department of Phytotherapy. Within the scope of the program that held at NEU Faculty of Pharmacy under the motto "I’m Examining the Home Remedies of My Grandma", students were provided with information about the medicinal plants such as thyme, cinnamon, linden, chamomile, rosehip, elderberry, hibiscus, marshmallow and similar herbs that could be used to prevent diseases such as cold and flu and to relieve associated cough problems that become common during seasonal changes. Through hands-on applications, students have learned to mix herbs and make medicinal tea that the family members could drink together.

Prof. Dr. Filiz Meriçli, who made a scientific presentation and informed the students about the medicinal plants that used to maintain health, introduced them some medicinal herbs and home remedies prepared by grandmothers for colds, diarrhea, injuries and sleep.

They prepared tea for cold…
The students, who examined the plants used in home remedies under a microscope, prepared tea by using medicinal plants such as linden, thyme and elderberry that known to be effective in the treatment of cold and flu. For fresh ginger tea, the students, who stained the specimen obtained from the cross-section of ginger to get a better look at it under microscope, observed the purple-color starch grains. The students packaged the teas that they made by using medicinal plants in order to take them home.

They have learned tea types prepared from medicinal plants against diseases...
They have learned that tea made from the mixture of dried elderflower, commonly known as elderberry in Cyprus, linden and thyme is effective for cold and flu, while tea made from the mixture of mint, chamomile and fennel is useful for indigestion. They have also learned that the medicinal tea made from the mixture of sage and chamomile can be used as a gargle and it will be very useful for the mouth and throat sores and palatal wounds caused by the dentures used by the grandparents. With hands-on applications, students have been provided information regarding the processes of preparing medicinal tea. Students told that they should first pour 1-2 teaspoons medicinal tea into 150-200 ml cup and then fill the rest of the cup with boiling water and cover the mouth of the cup with a glass or porcelain plate and wait 5-10 minutes before filtering and sipping it,. Then, the students poured the instructed amount of medicinal tea that they prepared into their cups and added boiled water on it and covered the top of the cups as instructed. After waiting 5-10 minutes, the students filtered and sipped their warm teas. The students were also informed that honey could be added to sweeten the medicinal tea when it is warm and warned that antioxidant effect of honey would be reduced if added when the medicinal tea is too hot.