Özay Günsel Children`s University Students had a Workshop for Developing their Creativity and Personal Characteristics
Date Added: 08 November 2019, 09:40
Last Updated Date:14 January 2020, 11:42

its curriculum has been prepared by professional educators aiming to support and encourage the development of children`s creativities and abilities is continuing with educational workshops that introduce students to the fun of science and art.

According to the information provided by the Özay Günsel Children`s University, at the 5th week of the fall term program workshops were held to contribute to the children`s knowledge, skills and awareness via art, sports and science.

They were introduced musical instruments
World group students of Özay Günsel Children`s University participated in the workshop that supports the development of creativity and communication skills of students, titled as “I am getting to know the musical instruments and am composing my own music”. It was announced that the children were provided the chance to get to know the musical instruments at the Near East University Department of Music Teaching and learn the musical notes through games. Later, the workshop will be repeated and children will be able to learn musical instruments in detail and make their own compositions.

Within the framework of the training program, world group students went to the lake in the campus of the Near East University and examined the ducks and plants in the lake. The world group students also made various shaped candies due to Halloween from various materials.

How to tell when someone is lying
Furthermore, Group Sun students went to the Department of Psychology to participate in the workshop titled as “how to tell when someone is lying” and got to learn about different feelings. The students also experienced different reactions to different emotions and they were informed on what a lie is, if a lie is learned, if a lie is a disease, in which situations a person has to lie, and the feelings felt in the face of lying.

Group Sun students were then taken to Faculty of pharmacy to participate in the event titled as “Learning Rational Drug Use”. They watched a video about the rational drug use prepared by the TR Ministry of Health for children of various age groups and discussed issues noted in the video. The students were informed that a drug is not a sweetie and that it should not be used unless prescribed by the doctor.

They learnt about artificial intelligence software
Group Galaxy students participated in the “Artificial Intelligence Project 2” jointly organised by Near East University Technology Initiative NERİTA and Near East University Robotics Laboratory. The students who learned what the project was in the previous activity received detailed information about artificial intelligence and its software. In the third activity, the students worked for the software.

Galaxy-Universe Group students were also informed on philosophy when they attended the workshop by academician Dr. E. Miray Yazgan Yalkın who provided the students information on what philosophy is and why it is important. Within the scope of education, children learned what philosophy is and the place of philosophy in our daily lives.

They started the day with sports
Özay Günsel Children's University students participated in different training workshops according to their age groups, and just before they started their educational program at the Near East University campus, it was expressed that they took a morning walk on campus and participated in sports activities in the Sports Tower. They participated in the recently popular indoor cycling exercise Spinning in the Sports Tower. They learnt what spinning is, how it is done and why should spinning exercise should be done.