Getting familiarized with the trees and plants, they learned the details about the Horseback Riding…The Fall Term Program Activities of Özay Günsel Children University continue
Date Added: 21 November 2019, 09:10
Last Updated Date:06 January 2021, 17:34

The Fall Term Program of Özay Günsel Children University, which brings children together with scientists under the roof of the university at an early age, continues with educational, instructive and fun training workshops designed for different age groups.

According to the information given by Özay Günsel Children University, in the sixth week of the Fall-Term Program, the students found opportunity to familiarize the trees and plants in the nature and collect samples and receive information about the fragrant plants. The visit to the horse farm provided the students with opportunity to learn about the facts of horseback riding and gain experience about horse riding. Within the scope of the program, students participated in learning activities enabling them to identify and improve their mathematical knowledge and skills.

They examined the trees and plants...
Within the scope of the training program, which started with morning sports, World Group students realized an event titled "Forest in My Notebook" and familiarized the trees and plants in the surrounding by touring the Near East University Campus. Then, they collected samples from trees and plants to create their own collections by labeling the species in their notebooks.

Then, World Group students, who familiarized the trees and plants and collected samples, participated in a workshop held at the Faculty of Pharmacy of Near East University under the title "Why Do Fragrant Plants Smell Nice?" The workshop provided the group students with opportunity to learn about the formation of the scent that produced by many species of plant. They also learned that the smell emitted by flowers is an attractant for pollinators such as bees and other insects.

They participated in learning activities improving Mathematics Skills...
The Sun Group students realized a Mathematics Workshop based on activities regarding the basic mathematics. Within the scope of the workshop, students participated in activities designed to enable them to easily understand the most basic concepts of mathematics. Then, the Sun Group students realized an event under the title "Do You Know the Rights of the Child?" Within the scope of the event, the group students learned about the Children's Rights stipulated by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and drew pictures depicting these rights.

They enjoyed Horse Riding...
Within the scope of the learning activities, the Sun Group students visited the horse farm in Arapköy and received information about horse care and the preparations required before riding a horse. Then, students accompanied with their teachers had a nice time by riding a horse.