Özay Günsel Children University Students learn the subtleties of artificial intelligence technologies
Date Added: 28 November 2019, 12:00
Last Updated Date:06 January 2021, 17:33

Özay Günsel Children University, aiming to teach how to develop projects with artificial intelligence so that future generations can use artificial intelligence well, has started to teach artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence software through the “Artificial Intelligence Workshop" where students are provided with the opportunity to receive practical training.

At the end of the Winter Term of Özay Günsel Children University, it is aimed that the students will have developed the basic skills and knowledge for programming projects with their own computers through the Artificial Intelligence courses given by experts. In these courses, students are engaged in studies focusing on scientific methods, scientific processes, research-development, developing curiosity, critical thinking, problem solving, algorithmic and logical thinking, leadership, teamwork and taking responsibility.

Near East University Robotics Laboratory experts share their knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence with the students in the training workshop which focuses on artificial intelligence, robotics coding, reaching solutions and software-related artificial intelligence technology. During the training, students are guided to make projects on these issues.

Artificial Intelligence and Robots studied...
In the first lesson of Artificial Intelligence Workshop, introduction to robotics, what the robots are, how they work, different types of robots and their works, the place of robots in the workforce in today's world are explained. In the second lesson, the main lines of robotics, mechanical and electronic parts on the robots and the communication of these parts with artificial intelligence were explained.

The artificial intelligence of the robots was examined and the students were informed about the use of each code in the artificial intelligence program. Following the transfer of information to the students, the robot shown as an example was activated, and the students required to ask questions by changing the way of the robot.

Robots will compete by using their own artificial intelligence coding…
In the third lesson, the students who will make the optimization in artificial intelligence by changing the code of artificial intelligence in the robot will try to engage the robot in difficult routes to reach the solution. Within the scope of the course, the students will try to successfully complete the route that will be prepared by the trainers and then they will race with artificial intelligence codes that they have optimized.