Özay Günsel Children University students have become knowledgeable about the senses, expanded their dream worlds
Date Added: 13 December 2019, 10:10
Last Updated Date:12 March 2021, 09:32

By taking into account the individual differences and age characteristics of the children, Özay Günsel Children University classifies the children into 4 groups and offers distinct modules tailored to allow each age group to learn, to enhance their knowledge, to develop their skills and discover their potentials. During the seventh week of the Fall Term, the students participated in instructive and fun workshops on mathematics and science.

According to the information delivered by Özay Günsel Children University, instructive and fun workshops were tailored to develop the identification, understanding, concept formation and problem solving skills of the World Group and the Sun Group students.

They designed cartoon poster...
World Group students, who started their training programs with morning sports aat Near East University Sports Tower, participated in "I am producing my animated cartoon" workshop held at Atatürk Faculty of Education under the guidance of Expert Yücehan Yücesoy. Within the frame of the workshop, children designed their own posters by drawing the cartoon of their dreams on the computer. After the cartoon workshop, which enabled the children to develop their creativity, dexterity and mental skills, the students participated in the garden games activity.

Then, the World Group students realized the workshop "The children's rights" under the guidance of Özay Günsel Children University Rector Prof. Dr. Filiz Meriçli. Within the scope of the workshop, the students learned about the children's rights by playing fun games. The students were also informed about the importance of recycling.

I'm learning mathematics…
The Sun Group students realized a Mathematics Workshop under the guidance of rtheir mathematics teacher Bahar Esmeroğlu. Within the scope of the workshop, students participated in activities designed to enable them to easily understand the most basic concepts of mathematics.

Feel, indicate, define, and let it go...
Then the Sun Group students participated in the workshop designed to enable the children to get to know their emotions driven by the senses and how to react in their emotional worlds. Under the guidance of Dr. Gonca Inanç, the students participated in the learning activity titled "What happens in the absence of one of our five senses" and learned about the senses and their functions by playing fun games.

Following the garden games activity, the Sun Group students participated in sports activities at the Sports Tower and practiced TRX exercises under the guidance Mahnaz Tavakolian. Then, the students participated in the learning activity implemented by Associate Professor Dilek Arsoy at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine under the title "Is it easy to look after cat and dog at home?” Within the scope of the event, the students learned about the care requirements and how to feed and look after pets at home.