Özay Günsel Children’s University Winter Program Continues

Date Added: 16 January 2020, 08:36

Özay Günsel Children's University Winter Program continues with training workshops that bring in scientific and social communication skills and develop inquiry skills…

Özay Günsel Children's University introduced children to the entertaining face of science and art in the university environment. In the ninth week of the Winter Program, the university implemented educational workshops that increase children's cognitive capacities and improve their philosophical perspectives.

According to the information provided by Özay Günsel Children's University, the students of the Earth and the Sun group students conducted sports, music and philosophical thinking workshops where their curiosity and questioning skills encouraged.

They learned how money came out...
In the 9th week of the Özay Günsel Children's University Winter Program, students of the Earth group carried out pilates workshops at the Near East University Sports Tower with Mahnaz Tavakolian and discussed the concept of lying and made friendship relations training, and studied about the history of money.

Students then participated in the event "How much money is there in the world?" that was carried out by Arash Shargi, a faculty member of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences and learned where the money came from.

Then, under the guidance of Psychologist Çağla Akarsel, the students carried out an activity on "telling lies", and learned what a lie is, the types of lies, why telling a lie is wrong, why telling the truth is a virtue, the psychological reasons of telling lies, and so, and how to control their feelings and how to carry out the friendship relations.

They have learned the philosophical perspective in understanding and explaining the abstract events of the world…
The Sun Group who made children's platters and TRX with Mahnaz Tavaklian at the Sports Tower of NEU, also carried out music and philosophy workshops.

Students conducting an activity titled “I threw a stone into the sea, I have an item belonged to me at sea” with academician E. Miray Yazgan Yalkın, discussed within the scope of the event what philosophy is, its role in our daily lives and played games.

In the Philosophy Workshop, which aims to develop philosophical perspectives in understanding and explaining the abstract phenomena of the world, practices were made to improve the cognitive capacities of children by improving their inquiry skills. The students of the Sun Group have later received training at the Atatürk Faculty of Education from Neriman Soykurt and conducted an activity “I am learning about musical instruments, I am composing my own song". Within the scope of the workshop, the students learned the notes and played the musical instruments and they will make their own compositions in the workshop which will be repeated later.