Özay Günsel Children’s University helds “Adolescence Period” seminar for parents…

Date Added: 20 January 2020, 08:08

Özay Günsel Children's University held "Adolescence Period" informative seminar for parents with the participation of Child and Adolescent Psychologist Çağla Akarsel.

Özay Günsel Children's University administrators, teachers and many parents attended the seminar. Psychologist Çağla Akarsel gave information about the developmental stages of children.

Özay Günsel Children's University Rector Prof. Dr. Filiz Meriçli addressed to the participants at the opening of the seminar and said that the seminar was held to help parents understand how they can communicate with their children during adolescence, how they can understand them and how to cope with the problems that arise during adolescence.

Adolescence was discussed with all its dimensions…
Psychologist Çağla Akarsel touched on adolescents' search for identity during the adolescence period, differences in parental attitudes and their effects during adolescence, the self-perception of adolescents in this period, and the issues about setting limits for adolescents.

Answering the questions of parents, clarifying those who are curious about the process, Akarsel also held meetings with parents who requested individual counseling.