Özay Günsel Children’s University Students Welcomed Spring with Colorful Masks They Designed

Date Added: 26 March 2021, 15:55

Özay Günsel Children's University students continue their spring term activities that are held free of charge and online. This week, 6-8 years old Earth, 9-11 years old Sun and 12-15 years old Galaxy group students welcomed spring with colorful masks and hats. The students also had a pleasant conversation with the poet-writer Ayşe Tural, who was invited to the training program as guests. In the "Scientist of the Week" event, they learned about the life story and inventions of Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest inventors of history.

Spring joy with colorful masks and hats
Özay Günsel Children's University students celebrated the arrival of spring with colorful masks and hats in the training program, which started by dancing to eliminate the inactivity in the pandemic process and to start the day more lively and energetic. Reflecting their inner world while designing their own masks and hats, the students both had fun and had the opportunity to improve their artistic skills. Students will use the masks and hats they designed at the spring welcoming party to be held at Özay Günsel Children's University in the upcoming period.

The Guest of the week: Author and Poet Ayşe Tural
During the event, which was organized to raise students' interest in literature due to the 21st March World Poetry Day, a conversation was held with the poet and writer Ayşe Tural, who also prepared and presented cultural and art programs. The students listened to the difficulties of being a poet and writer, the joys of being a writer, and the natural elements that inspired the author.

Scientist of the Week Nikola Tesla
This week, the number "pi" was focused on in the "My Friend Mathematics" activity, which aims to teach the place of mathematics in daily life and to overcome the fear of failure in mathematics. Nikola Tesla, one of the most famous names due to his inventions that changed the history of world science, was introduced as the scientist of this week at Özay Günsel Children's University. Students who learned about the alternating current, energy and lighting systems of Nikola Tesla, one of the names that shaped the modern world with his life and inventions, were also very impressed by Tesla's life story.