Özay Günsel Children’s University is 2 Years Old!

Date Added: 26 April 2021, 07:38

Özay Günsel Children's University, the first and only university for children in the TRNC, is celebrating its second year. Özay Günsel Children's University, which has carried out dozens of courses, activities and events with 500 students so far, will celebrate its birthday on Saturday with an online publication to which all children are invited.

Özay Günsel Children's University, which was established in 2019 as the first and only children's university of the TRNC, is celebrating its second year in order to enable children to discover their talents and receive a quality education combined with science, art and technology.

Özay Günsel Children's University, which has reached 500 students in the past two years, has carried out dozens of activities, courses and events that enable children to discover themselves by opening new horizons in their lives. At Özay Günsel Children's University, which implements STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathmetic) education program covering the fields of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics, educational programs and activities are designed and carried out in accordance with different age groups under the guidance of child psychologists and pedagogues.

No age of university experience
Özay Günsel Children's University, which provides education in the 6-8 age Earth group, the 9-11 age Sun group and the 12-15 age Galaxy group, welcomes its children on the university campus with all the facilities of Near East University. Activities in a wide range of activities ranging from artworks, design, robotic coding, architecture, health, veterinary studies and kitchen activities open the doors to a colorful world for children.

Students of Özay Günsel Children's University, who regularly get to know a scientist every week with the “Scientist of the Week” event, continue to meet the science heroes they will be inspired by. Özlem Türeci, Leonardo Da Vinci, Ali Nesin, Barbara Mcclintock, Ayşe Tural, Hüseyin Çağlayan, Pythagoras, Prof. Dr. Aziz Sancar are some of the names they were inspired by.

Free for all children during the pandemic period
Özay Günsel Children's University, which has provided 80% scholarships to children studying in public schools and SOS Children's Village since the day it was opened, has enabled all children, who have left their schools, to socialize and learn by having fun with free education every week during the pandemic period.

In the second year, giant organizations are on the way
Özay Günsel Children's University is preparing to crown its second year with the giant organizations it will undertake. The World Children's Conference, which will be held for the second time this year, will be held in the TRNC on 21-23 May under the leadership of Özay Günsel Children's University. At the conference, nearly two hundred researchers and academicians from many countries from Azerbaijan to Slovenia, from Bulgaria to Brazil will come together and share their work in all fields related to children.

Engineering Camp will be held in July and August in cooperation with Turkey and the countries of our children will enter the magical world of engineering and technology. The "We Bring Children Together with Art" project, which was initiated to support children's imaginations by bringing children together with art, will reach all children of the country. A cooperation protocol was signed recently between Özay Günsel Children's University and the TRNC Ministry of National Education to implement the project. Within the scope of the project "We Bring Children Together with Art" initiated by Özay Günsel Children's University, students will write stories, poems and compositions about the works of award-winning painters exhibited at the Günsel Art Museum in Nicosia Dereboyu, the Günsel Office Museum in the Near East University Campus and the Nicosia Walled City Museum.

Anna Günsel: "We are raising individuals who know what they want, have discovered themselves and will shape their future"
Stating that they set out with the goal of raising individuals who are self-confident, who have discovered themselves and are equipped with the skills to shape the future, Özay Günsel Children's University Board of Trustees President Anna Günsel said, “In the past two years, reaching 500 children and having the chance to touch their lives and share their adventure of discovering themselves was a great source of pride and happiness for us.” Stating that science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics are at the center of the educational programs, Anna Günsel said, “We will continue to touch the lives of children with the story and poetry contest that will be open to all children through the World Children's Conference, Engineering Camp that we are organizing this year.”

Reminding that Özay Günsel Children's University was founded two years ago on the April 23 National Sovereignty and Children's Day, which was presented to all children by the great leader Atatürk, Anna Günsel said, "We will always be with our children while celebrating the holiday of all the children of the world."

Prof. Dr. Filiz Meriçli: "We will always bear the responsibility of being established on April 23rd."
Özay Günsel Children's University Rector Prof. Dr. Filiz Meriçli who also said that they always bear the responsibility of being established on April 23, which Mustafa Kemal Atatürk presented to the children, continued her words by saying “By developing the imaginations of our children through giving special courses intertwined with the university and science, we will continue to work to raise world citizens as innovative, entrepreneurial, socially responsible individuals."

Reminding that Near East University and Kyrenia University give great support to Özay Günsel Children's University with their child-friendly campus and all their facilities, Prof. Dr. Meriçli thanked the Günsel Family for all these opportunities provided to the children and said "We are educating our children as individuals who are respectful to nature, people and the environment and well-trained in fields such as art, design, science, robotic coding, artificial intelligence, health, and sports. We raise them as multi-faceted, creative and entrepreneurial individuals with improved self-confidence and communication skills.”

Stating that "Every child is a star who will enlighten the future", Prof. Dr. Meriçli said, “We are working for children to create a more beautiful world with their peers in the world by discovering their own talents, shining brightly, internalizing national and universal values, and becoming happy individuals who are beneficial to both their countries and the people of the world”.

Prof. Dr. Filiz Meriçli invited all children and parents to the second year celebration of Özay Günsel Children's University, which will be held online on Saturday, April 24 at 12.30 and broadcast live on Facebook.