The way to spend quality time with your children is through correct communication.
Date Added: 21 July 2021, 10:46
Last Updated Date:26 July 2021, 10:42

Özay Günsel Children's University General Coordinator, Child and Adolescent Psychologist .Dr. Çağla Akarsel said that the holiday is a good opportunity for working parents and parents who think that they cannot spare enough time for their children, to strengthen the bond between them and their children, and gave tips to parents who suffer from not being able to spare enough time for their children due to the tiredness and stress of the day.

The important thing is to spend quality time
Child and Adolescent Psychologist Çağla Akarsel, who stated that it is important for parents not to spend a lot of time with their children, but "quality time", said, "The most basic rule of spending quality time with children is communication. Listening to your child, making eye contact, playing games, doing activities together and having meaningful conversations are the golden rules of spending quality time with the children."

Stating that both parents and children should enjoy while spending quality time, Akarsel said, “It is very important to know what your children enjoy and to share it with them with common enthusiasm. Knowing and responding to the children's needs, understanding their feelings and talking about their feelings, knowing how they perceive the world during the game and what thoughts the bring to the game will allow you to learn about their world by giving basic clues about your children.

Talk to your child
"Choosing age-appropriate activities for the children, playing supportive games, and most importantly, sharing common laughter will strengthen the bond that the children establish with their parents and contribute positively to their development," saying Çağla Akarsel, pointed out; "Yet, it is not necessary to do an activity to spend quality time. Talking about your own daily life or a subject presented to you by the children, reading a book together is also related to the concept of quality time. Whatever you do, remember that the most important thing is the bond and sharing with your children, and that your children need your attention and support."

Holidays are an opportunity…
Emphasizing that the holiday period we are in is an excellent opportunity for parents, Child and Adolescent Psychologist Çağla Akarsel emphasized that parents can strengthen the bond between them and their children by supporting this process with many activities such as kitchen activities, conversation moments, designing handicrafts by using household tools and equipment, and doing garden activities together.